Enterprise email: Your ultimate mailing solution

Enterprise email is a mass email system you can install on your own computer or server, it is helpful for bulk emailing and organizing an efficient communication medium for your enterprise. It utilizes your enterprise database, and can be accessed using a web browser inside and/or outside your enterprise network. An enterprise email gives a professional outlook to your business and provides an ultimate mailing solution. A dedicated email for your enterprise is inevitable since the free email providers:

        Limit the attachment size

        Inefficient functionality

Features of an enterprise email

An enterprise email uses your own server and data to provide you competent mailing service. The key features to look forward in the enterprise email before availing the facility for your enterprise are:

Ample storage

The enterprise email service must provide ample email space for every user. There should not be any problem sending large attachment. The email infrastructure should be well developed so as to provide quick uploading and high performance.

Greater agility

The enterprise email to be used must be from a reliable service provider with good past records. The technology used must be up-to-date and should be able to handle any adverse traffic situation. The enterprise email must be compatible to work with all mobile devices be it Android, Ios, Windows or any other platform.

High end collaboration tools

Enterprise email should also provide intuitive tools like common datebook with scheduling feature, global address book, document association and work management. It should allow you to check for the availability of your team members in order to schedule a meeting by using your calendar. It should give you access to the address book with contacts details of the employees so as to ease the mailing procedure

Active technical support

The email service provider must provide round the clock technical assistance from Business email experts. The service provider must ensure the safety of your and hence the support professionals must be highly qualified with in-depth knowledge of the subject. The support should be available through phone, chat or email and take your cause to concern at the earliest.

Enterprise Email: Why do you need it for your Business

A business email provides you ample advantages over the free email providers. An experienced email solution provider enables your organization to grow by providing advance technological tools. It will also allow you to customize the email package as per your requirement.


A business email package allows you to take advantage of quick uploads, scalability and trustworthy operation. It provides efficient synchronization with your mobile devices, MS Outlook & Mac OSX.

Simple model

A competent service provider serves you out of the cloud and hence there is no requirement of IT hardware, software and hence no labor charges involved. It allows you to expand your service domain as your enterprise size enlarges.

Support other Email clients

Enterprise email provider allows you to use any desktop based email. It guides you through while configuring different email clients so that they can send/receive emails. The protocols followed usually are POP, IMAP and MAPI.

An enterprise email provides an ultimate solution to your mailing needs. It provides you with the facility to send and receive large attachments. It also allows you to easily communicate with your employees and work in a collaborative manner on a collective task by sharing individual inputs. The service provider to be employed for availing this service must be a reliable one with vast experience in this domain. It should cater to the requirements of the enterprise for effective package customization. Active technical support must be available at your service round the clock so that you can get instantaneous solution to your email related issue.

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