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Today is the era of digitalization, which made organizations change the way they work and communicate. World Wide Web works with hosting services and allows enterprises to upload their data on the Internet for easy distribution. Web hosting also help an enterprise owner to upload their website on the World Wide Web. Web hosts provide space for a particular website on servers so that it can have space and connectivity through web hosts. Out of Windows and Linux hosting, Linux has emerged as a favorite web hosting platform over the years. In this article, we will discuss Linux hosting in detail and focus on its advantages and disadvantages.

Linux Hosting: The Basics

A UNIX-based open source platform, Linux is used for established as well as new business owners for web hosting. Linux provides users an opportunity to update files on server and through any hard drive. What makes it different is its telnet access that helps the users to interpret data over TCP. It also aids the user with any application on browser by using Common Gateway Interface (CGI). It is an open source platform, which means that it provides access to a large range of scripts and various applications, which makes it easier for developers to try their hands at the process of web development.

What are the advantages of Linux hosting?


Every business look for a secure hosting platform and Linux provides the users that opportunity. The hosting platform is known for its stability and security features and also gives a robust platform to the users.

Backup option

Back up can save you a lot of money, which makes it important for a hosting platform to have a backup. Linux has inbuilt tools that bring you the best in class back-up facility.


Choose Linux web hosting to get basic plans including Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripting, FTP access, e-mail services, and e-mail services, among others.

Hassle-free administration

Unlike numerous other platforms, Linux provides hassle-free administration without having to use any other software tool.


Compatibility issues

As discussed above, if your website is developed keeping windows in mind, you might face numerous issues related to compatibility. These days, this problem can be solved using

Domain knowledge

Although, this is not a major issue, but it is not wrong to say that having inappropriate or very less  knowledge of Linux can be disadvantageous.

Linux, like other platforms have both advantages and disadvantages. However, considering the advantages it may provide to any business, it is advisable for opt for it.

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